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Hull fouling is highest for boats that remain stationary

A clean hull is extremely important

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Everybody who has a boat knows the problem : fouling or the growth of all kinds of organisms. Fouling is an annoying problem which reduces speed, increases fuel consumption and causes corrosion damage.
The current solutions are often not effective and require costly annual maintenance. Moreover, they harm the environment and your own health since they contain toxic elements. Harsonic® avoids the initial step of the fouling, called biofilm. Eliminating the biofilm prevents the development and the attachment of barnacles, mussels, oysters and algae. Harsonic® for Boats keeps the hull of your boat clean without taking the boat out of the water every year for cleaning and repainting.

Fouling begins with a layer of slime of biofilm.

This slime paves the way for plants and animals to attach . The amount increases over time. Many types of marine plants and animals can attach to the submerged areas of boats. Organisms like barnacles, mussels, sponges, algae and sea squirts attach themselves to the hull and propeller of ships. Fouling can negatively affect your boat’s fuel efficiency, speed and cause increased maintenance costs to remove the fouling. It causes a powerboat to use up to 30% fuel and slows down sailboats because of the increased drag. It can affect the maneuverability of the boat. And if you leave fouling attached to your boat for too long you can damage the paint and cause deterioration of your boat overall.

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