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Harsonic wins GOLD !!!!!

   Harsonic wins GOLD !!!!!

Innova foto 2 kleur

At the International Invention Exhibition” INNOVA ”  in Brussels , Harsonic has won 2 golden medals and a golden CUP.

1. Golden medal for the best Belgian Invention 2013.

Innova6Eureka price for Harsonic

2. Golden medal of ” WOIP ”  given by the World Intellectual Property Organization

for the best inventor  (invention with the most international marketing potential)

Innova 5 golden medals Harsonic

3. Golden CUP selected by the international jury and given by the RomaniaTechnological University of CLUJ-NAPOCA

for the best invention and outstanding contribution to the creativity.

innova foto (7)_bewerkt-1University price for Harsonic


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